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Sharing My Story & Welcome to the Blog

Hello friends and welcome to A Girl And Her Boston!  I wanted to sit down and tell you a little about why I decided to start this blog.
I hope you are ready, because here is my story…..

The Moments That Changed My Life Forever



In 2007, I fell ill with a virus that was misdiagnosed as the flu.  I was given medication for the flu, but I didn’t have the flu.  Within weeks of not getting better, my tonsils swelled to the point I could hardly breathe. I had to be rushed to my doctor’s office for a steroid shot and was scheduled to have my tonsils and adenoids removed a few days later.  On the day of my surgery, the surgery went well, but in recovery my heart rate would not go below 150 bpm.  Yes, I was in pain, but my doctors and nurses were trying to treat me and nothing was working.  I was admitted to the hospital overnight for observation. My heart rate went down, enough to go home, but it was still concerning.

One week after surgery, I was unable to keep food down.  This compiled with the higher heart rate had my ENT concerned and she sent me to a Gastroenterologist.  After about 40 specialists and many years later, I still don’t know what virus caused my illness.  I do know that my Vagus Nerve was damaged and I now have vocal chord, heart, and gastrointestinal problems.

For me this has caused a lot of anxiety and depression and I decided I needed a platform to not only share my story, but to hopefully help someone else.  I really feel that God put me through all of this to help someone, and that person may be you.  Thankfully through my entire journey, my husband has stood by me and has encouraged me to share my story as well.

Let’s Do This…

I also want this blog to be fun too   I have two Boston Terriers, Toby and Darcy who are my service dogs.  Toby goes with my everywhere and Darcy, she brings many smiles and love to our little family.  I promise to share more about their stories in the future.


I hope you will stay around to see more of my story, more of my Bosties, and a whole lot about our lives from cooking, marriage, all of our favorite things and fun doggie tips as well.

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