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Meet My Boston Terriers -Toby & Darcy

Hello again and welcome back.  Today I wanted to introduce you to my Boston Terriers, Toby & Darcy.  They both have helped me through a lot of hard times and I thank God every day for both of them.

Full Name – Toby Keith (yes, named after the one and only)

Age – 7

Likes –  Vanilla Ice Cream (in moderation and veterinarian approved) and a good run

Dislikes – Thunder and other loud noises

Personality – Laid back, an easy going, go with the flow kind of guy



Full Name – Darcy Jane (Pride & Prejudice)

Age – 2

Likes – Bananas, Blueberries, cuddling, and ripping apart toys

Dislikes – Back scratches and being disturbed while sleeping

Personality – Hyper, always excited, ready and eager to go anywhere and tells you how she feels


I hope you enjoyed this little intro to my babies.  Both Toby and Darcy bring so much joy to mine and my husband’s lives. If you hang around, you will definitely be seeing more of these two in the future.

Do you have any pets that are the center of your world?


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