Favorite Things for August 2018

One of my favorite things to read on blogs or watch on YouTube videos are favorite things.  For some reason watching what others like is enjoyable to me, especially if something I am interested in purchasing is in a favorites review. They often help my decision making process.   I decided then, since I like it so much, I would share my favorite things I found in August for me and products I have found that have been great for the dogs.


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Fitbit Versa

I had a Fitbit Charge HR for a couple of years and it finally stopped working, so I decided to start looking around at other fitness trackers and smart watches.  One of the main reasons I had the Fitbit was it tracked my heart rate.  With my heart condition and exercising, I have to be careful to avoid passing out. Having my heart rate so quickly available seriously helps.  One major problem I had with the Charge HR was that I would occasionally get a rash from the band and I had a hard time keeping it clean.

In my research, I found some reviews on the Fibit Versa, and they were all really positive for what I needed.  Also, my fitness mentor Peter Nielsen suggested it as well. Since my birthday is in September, my husband decided to buy it for me as an early gift in July. I chose the limited edition model because the band is cloth and I really liked the color, rose gold and lavender.

The band has not caused any rashes nor have I had problems with cleaning the watch or band.  The Versa tracks your steps, calories, heart rate and sleep.  You can customize the face of the watch through the Fitbit app. Also, you can even track your fertility cycle, which the watch will give you the information on how many days until ovulation and until your period.  I have used the Ovia app for a few years and have actually found the Fitbit to be more accurate.

Fitbit versa


The Versa also has exercise modes, it is waterproof, and it has connected GPS.  I love the versatility and the battery life is amazing.  I pretty much wear mine 24 hours a day and only have to charge it every 4 to 5 days.  If you are looking for a smart watch, I would definitely take a look at the Versa.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Next on the list of my favorite things, is the Soap & Glory Heel Genius.  I have sensitive, dry skin.  Its a problem.  When my skin is dry, it makes it even more sensitive, and my feet are the worst.  Lately, I have been on the search for a good lotion or cream for my feet.  I have used a lot of different products, and had never used Soap & Glory before.  I found this at Target, and decided why not give it a try.  After one use, I was hooked.  My feet don’t even need lotion everyday now.  I’ve even used this on my elbows and love it!  Heel Genius has a gentle clean smell and doesn’t bother my allergies at all.  It is lightweight and sinks into the skin really well.


Heel Genius


Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose

I absolutely love the smell of roses, so when I found this perfume in Sephora, I wanted to check it out,  Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Ballet Rose  is the next addition to my favorite things.  Thankfully for my allergies, I am not allergic to roses and so I can handle this perfume well.  I am pretty new to the Philosophy brand and am currently trying out some of their skin care, which I like so far.  I bought the smaller half ounce size of the Ballet Rose to test it and see how I liked it.  This scent is absolutely amazing!  It is a delicate scent of rose and peony and I will definitely be buying a larger size soon!


Philosophy ballet rose


Favorite Things for Darcy & Toby

John Paul Body & Paw Pet Wipes

My little sister introduced me to these John Paul Body & Pet Wipes in December when I was in Florida.  If you have dogs, you know they can get dirty, stinky and other lovely dog things when they go outside.  I had been using a different brand of pet wipes previously, and they would constantly dry out.  Since then, I would use some kind of other wet wipe when need be, but when my sister showed me these, I knew we needed them. In a recent Amazon order, I finally bought some for our house and have really appreciated having them around.  They stay moist, smell fresh, and really do work well.  I often use them when the dogs feet get muddy, or even to wipe out their ears.  They leave a nice citrus scent and are very nourishing for the dogs skin, coat and paw pads.


Pet Wipes


Pedigree Grain Free Dentastix

Recently, Toby had to have surgery so in talking with the vet, Toby had a little plaque on his teeth and we decided to go ahead and get his teeth clean while he was in surgery as preventative maintenance.  The vet then suggested we use Dentastix to keep the dogs teeth clean.  We had used them previously but because of Darcy’s sensitive stomach, we stopped giving them to the dogs. I decided to go ahead and get a toothbrush and toothpaste for the dogs to use, and in the meantime while we were in Wal-Mart last weekend,  I noticed that Pedigree had come out with new grain free Dentastix.  Basically, we bought a package, the dogs love them, and even better, Darcy hasn’t got sick from them.  I still brush their teeth, but the Dentastix definitely take some of the pressure off.  The vet tech did explain to me that the reason Dentastix works so well is that it helps get the plaque off of their back teeth because of the angle they have to bite it.





I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite things.  Leave a comment below and let me know what some of your favorite things are this month!

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